Grand Opening: 14 JUNE

We are happy to announce the opening date of L2Cadmus x30 Interlude server. We will open doors on: 14 JUNE- time: 21:00 (Eastern European Summer Time) UTC/GMT +3 hours
30 / Apr / 2019
4168 1

New Server: In June

There is still time to gather all of us, to start a new journey together and to keep this community up for a long term. Lets make this happen, we all need PTS, a platform tested from official cadmus server by over 10,000 unique players.
24 / April / 2019
2103 0

New Project "L2Cadmus"

The time has now come for new heroes to rise, to begin a new chapter in history, and to save the world from eternal darkness. Join the cadmus!
26 / March / 2019
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